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Presenting the "M>VT" sticker – because when it comes to cybersecurity, Malcore always has the upper hand over VT (and we're not afraid to brag about it)!

Our stickers are like the superheroes of the vinyl world, printed on durable, high-opacity adhesive vinyl. It's so opaque that even your nosy neighbor's telescope won't be able to spy on your sticker secrets.

Worried about bubbles ruining your sticker game? Pfft, please! Our high-quality vinyl ensures a faster and easier application than convincing your pet cat to join your hacking squad. That's right, bubble-free – the only bubbles you need are in your drink while you celebrate your cyber supremacy.

The 'M' in "M>VT" stands for "Marvelous," obviously. And just like any Marvel hero, this sticker comes in various sizes, from the discreet 3″×3″ to the power move 15″×3.75″ – because sometimes you want your sticker to make a statement as bold as your password (hopefully not "password123").

But wait, before you unleash the superiority of "M>VT" on your belongings, remember to clean the surface. We're talking cleaner than a freshly debugged code.

So, slap on the "M>VT" sticker – because in the battle of cybersecurity, Malcore always takes the crown. Let the sticker war begin, and may your laptop be forever virus-free! Stick on, cyber-warrior!

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