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Pegasus Protection Device

Pegasus Protection Device

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Introducing the "Pegasus Protection Device" – because when it comes to shielding your phone, we've got your back (even if mythical winged horses don't)!

Crafted with more layers than a spy thriller, this iPhone case is as dual-layered as your favorite dip. The outer shell is like a superhero cape made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, ready to fend off daily disasters. And the inner lining? It's sporting TPU lining, a.k.a. the phone's own personal bodyguard against impacts – because we take protection as seriously as Pegasus takes flying.

Precisely aligned port openings – because who has time for misaligned ports when you're on a call with your BFF or ordering pizza online? This case is so precise; it could moonlight as a Swiss watch.

Induction charging compatible – because charging your phone should be as seamless as evading a spy drone. With the "Pegasus Protection Device," your phone stays charged without compromising on safety or style.

And where does this magical protector come from? Korea – the land of K-pop, kimchi, and now, cutting-edge phone armor.

But here's the disclaimer: DOES NOT ACTUALLY PROTECT YOU FROM PEGASUS SPYWARE. It's more like a fashionable force field against everyday mishaps – your secrets are safe, but we can't promise you won't accidentally send that embarrassing text.

This product is available in the US, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, and New Zealand only – because even Pegasus knows it can't cover the entire globe in one swoop.

So, slap on the "Pegasus Protection Device" – the case that's more protective than your mom during flu season. Your phone might not be mythical, but its protection can be legendary! Fly on, stylish guardian!

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