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Oversized "M"

Oversized "M"

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Behold the "Oversized 'M'" – because why settle for a regular tee when you can drown in a sea of fabric with style? This faded grey giant is not just a shirt; it's a fashion statement so roomy, even the Bermuda Triangle might get jealous.

Made with 100% carded cotton, it's softer than your favorite childhood blanket, but with an oversized fit that says, "I didn't choose the oversized life; the oversized life chose me." With a fabric weight of 7.1 oz., you're basically wearing a cloud – a stylish one, of course.

Garment-dyed and pre-shrunk – because nobody has time for unexpected laundry shrinkage. This tee is so cool; it's like the Benjamin Button of clothes – aging like a fine wine without the wrinkly side effects.

Dropped shoulders and wide neck ribbing – because who needs regular shoulders and necks when you can have shoulders that look like they're auditioning for a rap album cover? It's boxy, it's oversized, it's basically a wearable blanket with an attitude.

But wait, there's more! The "Simple File Analysis" slogan on the sleeve adds that touch of mystery. Because nothing says fashion-forward like a tee that might also be moonlighting as a secret code.

And don't forget the Tear-away label – because who needs labels when your shirt is making such a bold statement? It's like your fashion sense is saying, "I'm too cool for tags, just like this tee."

Thank you for making thoughtful purchasing decisions; you're not just getting a tee; you're getting an "Oversized 'M'" experience. So, wear it loud, wear it proud, and let the oversized shenanigans begin! Fashionably late? Nah, fashionably oversized!

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